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1961 Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Swiss Made
Caliber 1560 - 26 Jewel Chronometer Movement
34 MM x 11.5 MM

The pics aren't very good, just a few Q & D shots. Although it's hard to see, the amplitude in the crown left position was only 159 degrees, w/ a beat error of 7.1 ms. With a beat error that high, the hairspring could have easily broken. In the face up position, things weren't much better. A very low amplitude of 194 and a beat error of 5.4 ms. As you can see by the trace lines, the movement was all over the place. The timing wasn't good either. It varied quite a bit from +28 to -24 in the various positions.

I don't know when the watch was last serviced (or if it was ever serviced), but the amazing thing is, it did run and keep time despite the very poor condition it was in. I think that's quite a testimony to the quality and durability of Rolex movement designs! The watch itself was in pretty decent shape though (dial, hands, case, etc). Had it not been for the poor condition of the movement, I would have kept it. But since 1560 parts are not easy to get these days, I didn't want to take the risk (or expense) of trying to service it.

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