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ETA Technical Data

ETA (owned by the Swatch Group) is the largest provider of Swiss watch movements. They sell movements to watch manufacturers in various ways. An Ebauche is a movement blank, i.e. an incomplete watch movement. The Ebauche will contain a set of loose parts, including the main plate, bridges, the train, the winding and setting mechanism, and the regulator. It will not contain timing system parts such as the escapement or mainspring. The manufacturer can either assemble the movement themselves (while adding the missing peices), or contract out the assembly to a third party source.

Manufacturers can also buy completed movements from ETA. These movements come in various grades and finishes. The manufacturer can install these completed movements in their watches, or may choose to modify the movements first. Modified movements will vary from the stock movements sold by ETA. Modifications can include upgraded parts and/or improved timing.

The information I'm providing here applies to stock movements, in the various grades. All data has been taken directly from ETA's own technical data sheets.

ETA Movements

*** Click each image to see the xls spredsheet, which contains more in-depth tech info - Spredsheets will open in a new window ***




*** This is a "work in progress". I will try to add new movements each week. I hope to be able to get through the entire line of men's movements (current production only) within the next couple of months. ***

*** Sept 18, 2009 - UPDATE. I'm in the process of moving. So, the work on this project is now 'on hold'. Once I complete the move (next week) and get settled into my new place, I'll resume work on the project. ***

There's MORE information about ETA movements on PAGE 2 ...

On PAGE 2 you'll find some great articles written by a watchmaker who has disassembled some of the more popular ETA movements. He provides pictures, commentary and insights, along with comparisions to other well known movements. There's also a very informative article from Timezone about the COSC certification process.