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My Going Away Party

What a BLAST! We all had a really great time. Here are some pics of all the fun we had :-)

A group shot of some of us (it's hard to get everyone to sit still for 2 minutes) (lol)

Another group shot ...

Glen on his Honda Gold Wing. Destiny just had to get a ride (lol). Liz is pointing her finger and saying, "Better go slow with her on the back" (lol)

Another small group shot. Bill, Stacey, Larry, Liz, Debbie, and Crystal.

Ceil and Rick. Ceil is one of my best friends. I'm really going to miss her!

Ceil's very sexy legs. Man, I'm really gonna miss her a lot (lol)

Liz and Debbie. Liz is saying, "You're not really leaving John, are you"?

"Yes Liz, I'm really going". And she says, "Well, ok then, if you really have to" :-(

Nicole is feeling camera shy tonight. She's 8 months pregnant and eating all the food in the house (lol)

Destiny. She's never camera shy (lol)

Me and the girls :-)

Just a goofy shot (lol). Rick's in the background, with Ceil, Liz, me and Debbie's nose (lol)

Ok, it's time for me to show off my sexy legs (lol)

Gotta get Liz's sexy legs in there too (lol)

Me and Stacey, who is one of my closest friends. I had to cut Crystal out of the pic (she was on my left). Some kind of weird camera flash thing happened and she got blurred out. Sorry Crystal (lol)

Bill, Warren, Glen and Larry. I told Warren he'd better dress up if he was going to come to my party. I think he might have gone a little overboard (lol). Bill and Larry are two of my best friends.

Will, Ceil and Destiny.

Sean, Donnie, Steve, Barbara, Jean, Sherry and anyone else who didn't get their pictures put on this page (except maybe in the first two group shots) ... I'm very sorry. Most of the pictures I took didn't come out very well because of the poor lighting and the crappy flash on my camera.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party :-) I'm really going to miss you all! I love you guys!