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Ham Radio

So what is Ham Radio? Ham, or Amateur Radio, is a hobby that allows licensed operators to communicate using assigned radio frequencies. Unlike CB (Citizens Band) which is primarily used for local communications, Amateur Radio operators can communicate with each other all over the world. We can use voice, morse code, or various digital modes. The different types of digital modes that we use allow us to transmit text, pictures, and other data through the airwaves. We operate on various frequencies from 160 Meters, which is just above the AM broadcast band, through 10 GHz and beyond. One of the more popular bands for local communications is the 2 Meter Band (144 - 148 MHz). The 20 Meter Band (14 MHz) is very popular for worldwide communications. I've made contacts all over the world on 20 Meters using my Icom 746.

Another important aspect of Amateur Radio is our involvement in providing emergency communictions when needed. For more information on Amateur Radio, and how to become licensed, you can visit the ARRL's website. The "Welcome to Amateur Radio" page on the ARRL site is a good place to begin.