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Pocket e-Sword

Pocket e-Sword is a free Bible software program written by Rick Meyers. Developed for the Microsoft Pocket PC platform (PDA devices), it works just like his full featured Windows version, which is also free.

On my T-Mobile phone, I've loaded various Bible translations, 6 commentaries, a Hebrew & Greek Lexicon, and a couple of Bible dictionaries. Along with the features that are built into the main program, I now have an entire Bible reference library at my finger tips! With all the different resources written for Pocket e-Sword, you are only limited by the available memory of your device.

As Christians, it is so important for us to be reading the Bible on a daily basis. Because of back pain, I can not sit for long periods of time. To be able to do any serious reading or studying, I need to be lying down. Using a study Bible in this position is very difficult. So I said to God, "I have the desire, but not the physical ability". The next day God lead me to Rick's Pocket PC software! I can now lay down while comfortably holding the T-Mobile in one hand. I'm finally able to spend quality time in God's Word again!

The program is very well written and organized, and is very easy to use. Please take the time to check out Rick's site by clicking the logo below. There you can see the various screen shots of e-Sword in action, and get detailed information about the program. And of course, the link for downloading the software. Although it's offered for free, Rick does accept donations.