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Happy Birthday Israel

Added 5/14/2016 - On the evening of the 5th of Iyar (May 12th on our calendar this year), Israel celebrates Yom Ha'atzmaut, their National Independence Day. They are now 68 years old. Praise the LORD!

The Jews were granted Statehood on May 14, 1948 (by our calendar). This was The Lord's doing, through prophetic fulfillment. It also started God's prophetic count down clock to the end of the Age (NOT the end of the world). You can read my thoughts on the subject a few topics down in the article "Living in the Last Days". But for now, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Israel and all our Jewish friends! Also, to remind everyone of the promise God made concerning Abraham and the coming Jewish nation, Israel -

Genesis 12:3 (New International Version)

I will bless those who bless you,
and whoever curses you I will curse;
and all peoples on earth
will be blessed through you.

God has not forgotten the Jewish people. He loves them, and will protect them! So please remember Israel today and stand with them. God will surely bless you for it!

The Truth about Gun Control in America

Added 4/27/2014 - This guy really gets it! I couldn't have said it better myself. So, I'll let his video do the talking. You REALLY need to watch this!

So who is this great patriotic American? His name is Derrick E. Grayson, a Republican running for the US Senate seat held by incumbent Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. Chambliss announced his retirement this year, but unfortunately, Grayson did not make it past the primaries. I certainly hope he stays active though, and that we will continue to hear more from him in the future! This nation certainly needs many more patriots like Derrick E. Grayson.

Living in the Last Days

Added 11/27/2013 - What is happening to America? More and more people seem to be asking this question. Many are becoming very concerned, and for good reason. Yet it seems no one has the answers. Sure, there are a lot of opinions, ideas and theories. In Washington there's certainly no lack of 'spin' going on. I guess that's the politically correct way of saying our government leaders (along with the mainstream media) are lying to us. But it still doesn't answer the question. Why is it that so many people can't seem to figure out what's going on? The answer is really quite simple. They are being deceived. Lied to. By design.

There are many now who believe obama is in over his head, or that he's simply an idiot. When looking at his disastrous policies and decisions, the theory certainly seems plausible. But that's not what's going on. In fact, obama and his progressive allies (in both political parties) know exactly what they're doing. They are destroying America. On purpose, and by design. Although some people are finally starting to accept this, most just can't seem to comprehend the idea, or even fathom why a president would do such a thing.

I could try to explain, but it would take a lot more than a small article to do so. As it turns out, there are a few good books and documentary videos on the topic right now. One that I own, and highly recommend is "AGENDA: Grinding America Down". In it, it details w/ facts & references what the progressives have been doing to our nation the last 100 some odd years. Although very detailed, it's really just a basic overview. However, it's still a great place to start.

You have to realize how hard it is to try to get the average person to understand the purposeful destruction of our nation. It's vastly more difficult though to get people to believe and understand WHY this is happening. And the short answer is - we are being lead into a one world government. This is where we start to lose people. They tune out and are probably thinking of conspiracy theory madness {sigh}. Well, we can know where the world is heading, for two fundamental reasons.

The first comes from a Biblical worldview perspective. The Bible tells us what the last days (the general but unspecified period of time from the cross to the 2nd coming of Jesus) will be like. It's very specific in certain areas. We're now seeing many of these prophecies come to pass, that were written thousands of years ago. As a matter of fact, just about every prophecy is in some stage of fulfillment. This isn't to say they are all being completely fulfilled right now. Just that most of them are at least in the beginning stages, if not already further along, at this point in time. This was not true, even as little as ten years ago! Furthermore, Jesus said when we start to see these prophecies come to pass, to "look up because our redemption is drawing near". Myself, along with many other students of Bible prophecy, believe one of the most important was completely fulfilled on May 14, 1948. This is the day Israel became a nation again after an almost 2,000 year absence from the world stage. We also believe the re-birth of Israel started the "prophetic countdown clock". Jesus hinted that the generation that sees the re-birth of Israel will also be alive to see the 2nd Coming. It's interesting to note that the AVERAGE lifespan today in developed countries is around 70-80 years. Israel has been a nation now for 65 years. It doesn't seem like we have a lot of time left!

The second is a proper understanding of history. You know the old saying, "History tends to repeat itself"? Well, that's a very true statement. Those of us who understand history, including our Founding Fathers, understood the lure of tyranny. Stop and take a look around you. Look at our present world. Tyranny is alive and well in the 21st Century! And it's already present here in the USA, although in it's early stages. But that could, and I believe will, change quickly as world events develop over the coming months and the next couple years. Remember this, it's truly important for understanding a one world government system. NO INDIVIDUAL NATION CAN BE ALLOWED TO EXCEL OVER ALL OTHERS. Did you catch that? The "American Exceptionalism" that's defined our society the last 200+ years CAN NOT be allowed to continue! Not if we are to be lead into this one world government. Does that help explain many of the policies and decisions that have been enacted under our present administration? And also under the Bush admin., although to a lesser extent. This has actually been going on a lot longer than either, but for the most part, hidden from the public eye - as you'll see if you watch the Agenda movie. It's only now becoming apparent because we're in the very last stage of this Marxist style takeover. There will always come that time when the evil can no longer be hidden, if the agenda is to continue to its final fulfillment. But the problem historically has always been - by the time people start to figure it out, it's already too late.

I hate to say it, but for us (America) it IS already too late. We're losing our country, and no, we will NOT get it back. We know this because we know what the Bible says concerning ALL the nations during the 7 year tribulation period. No nation will be able to stand against the Beast (the Anti-Christ). His power is not his own but will come from Satan himself. The Bible clearly states that this final 7 year period, just prior to The Lord's 2nd coming, will be ruled by the Anti-Christ as a single, one world government. This isn't to say there won't be some opposition to his rule. Some nations will ultimately fight against the Anti-Christ's global reign. But as I've said, they won't be able to overcome his power and military might. All that said, the good news is, we're not in that 7 year period ... yet. But many students of Bible Prophesy, myself included, believe it's getting very close. Although the Agenda movie doesn't talk about the Biblical tribulation period, it does explain the reasons for America's downfall.

Here's the link to AGENDA: Grinding America Down I would strongly encourage people to watch this hour and a half long documentary movie. It has helped many people to understand where we're at in this country, and why.

Then, to get just a small taste of how this is having a global impact, and how obama's foreign policies are affecting long standing relationships around the world, I would encourage you to watch the 8 minute trailer below, by Dinesh D'Souza.

Time is short. I truly believe that. And our only hope is in Jesus Christ. For those that are not familiar with what the 7 year tribulation period is, I'll just say this. It will be the most horrific time this world has ever seen! There will be wars, disease, famine and death on an unimaginable scale, affecting the entire world. It's not a time anyone will want to live through. There is so much to say about Biblical end times events. And even though I've been studying the end times for the last 20+ years, I'd rather leave the details to others. Since there are many (and I mean MANY) great and already well established websites that deal w/ Biblical end times prophesies, it'll be much easier for me to just refer you to them.

Here are a few to start out with. They are well-written and packed w/ loads of information.

Lamb & Lion Ministries
The Christ in Prophecy Journal - part of Lamb & Lion
Grace thru Faith (a great website w/ thousands of articles)

Note - Dr. David Regan from Lamb & Lion Ministries, a well know Bible prophecy teacher, has just finished his annual Bible Prophecy confrence titled, "Living on Borrowed Time". They broke the confrence into 7 different topics. The first 6 topics each have a 28 minute sample video, with the last one due out next week (the last one is out now). The sample videos contain segments of the actual topics presented during their two day confrence. You can find all those videos HERE - Update, 2016 - Those video samples are no longer on his page (I wrote this article over two years ago). His website is still a good place to start for up to date information on End Times Bible prophecy and the coming one world government.

As I've said, Christ is our only hope. I understand that most people don't believe we're heading towards a one world government, or that America is under attack from within. And the majority of people certainly don't believe in the accuracy of Scripture. But what many people also don't understand is just how simple it is to be saved and to have a personal relationship with God through faith in Christ. Please visit "The Savior" page on my website. In it you'll find a brief explanation of what true Biblical salvation really is, and how to accept God's free gift of forgiveness through faith alone in His Son Jesus Christ. Once we become children of God we'll be reconciled to Him, and will no longer have to face His judgements and wrath that are about to come upon the entire world. He loves us and desires that each of us come to Him in faith and accept His free gift of salvation, purchased by the blood of The Lamb (Jesus). We each have to make that decision for ourselves. We either accept His free gift of salvation, or do nothing, which in effect is the same as rejecting it. Woe to those whose sins are not covered by the blood of The Lamb!

The "Open Letter" by Lou Pritchett, written over 6 years ago. Think about what he's saying, and look at what's going on today. Scary, isn't it?


You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America' crowd and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Relllys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Lou Pritchett

Lou Pritchett is a former vice president of Procter & Gamble whose career at that company spanned 36 years before his retirement in 1989, and he is the author of the 1995 business book, Stop Paddling & Start Rocking the Boat.

Mr. Pritchett confirmed that he was indeed the author of the much-circulated "open letter." “I did write the 'you scare me' letter. I sent it to the NY Times but they never acknowledged or published it. However, it hit the internet and according to the ‘experts’ has had over 500,000 hits.